One of the first products John Rich introduced shortly after he founded Woolrich was wool socks. Operating out of Central Pennsylvania in the mid-1800s, Rich had plenty of customers nearby thanks to the logging boom that brought countless lumbermen and farmers to the surrounding area. It was essential for both groups of workers to keep their feet dry and comfortable while working long days outside, and Rich took notice of this, traveling from logging camp to logging camp selling socks out of the back of his mule cart.


It was no secret, even back then, that wool was a superior fiber. In the winter, it was an excellent insulator, and maintained its warmth even when wet. In the summer, it wicked away moisture, and dried quickly. Needless to say, Rich had a product that sold itself regardless of what season it was.

Today, not much has changed, and Woolrich still offers quality wool socks that meet the demands of even the most active outdoorsmen and women. We’re also proud to say that our socks are still made in the USA. Utilizing innovative wool blends and the most advanced manufacturing technology, we offer a complete range of socks that will serve your feet well.


A look at how our socks are made


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