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Beta Studios is all about innovation, sport, fashion and the freedom to choose. We are a new danish designed activewear brand, fusing high performance sportswear with fashion for work-out, pre and post work out pieces and luxe leisurewear. Beta Studios is divided into two collections, designed to work together: Active: High

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One of the first products John Rich introduced shortly after he founded Woolrich was wool socks. Operating out of Central Pennsylvania in the mid-1800s, Rich had plenty of customers nearby thanks to the logging boom that brought countless lumbermen and farmers to the surrounding area. It was essential for both

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Photographer Marianna Jamadi goes by the online name “Nomadic Habit” for obvious reasons: the girl can’t sit still. I caught some time with her between a trip she took to Mexico and a flight she was about to board for France. You can’t blame her for the itchy feet, though:

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